BENU Euphoria - Product Review

Posted by Smruti Pens on 21st Feb 2023

BENU Euphoria - Product Review

Benu is a fountain pen brand that produces eye-catching and unique writing instruments. The company was founded in 2016 and has quickly gained a following for its innovative designs. Benu pens are known for their unusual shapes, bold colors, and intricate patterns. In addition to their striking designs, Benu pens are also known for their smooth writing experience. The Euphoria is a unique fountain pen series offered by Benu, made of high-quality resin and available in a range of bright and vibrant colors. According to Benu, each pen in this series is inspired by different things that bring us joy and add a great deal of color to our everyday lives.

The Euphoria comes in a sleek white cardboard box that is reusable, and I loved that all of the packaging is designed with eco-friendly materials. I have been using a Euphoria Tropical Voyage in a broad nib for the last several weeks, and the review is based on my experience with this particular pen. Tropical Voyage is made of a beautiful sparkly resin in purple, turquoise, and green.

The Euphoria is one of the larger pens offered by Benu, and has a 10 faceted design. For being a larger pen, it is still quite lightweight and comfortable to hold. The cap has a spring loaded clip, and has black band with Benu engraved on it. The cap can be posted, but with a pen this large you may not need to. The cap opens with 2.5 turns, and inside you’ll find a #6 Schmidt stainless steel nib. The pen uses a standard international size cartridge/converter, and one of each is included in the box. The barrel is designed so that the pen can also be converted to an eyedropper if desired.

Benu uses Schmidt stainless steel nibs in this pen, and the available sizes are fine, medium and broad. The nibs are hand tuned before leaving the factory, and as such offer a reliable and smooth writing experience. The broad nib of my pen just glides on paper, with no hard stops or other issues so far. The steel nib is stiff, did not flex while writing. The feed kept up with the writing and there was consistent ink flow even with fast writing. The pen has an accommodating section that is comfortable to hold.

The bold colors of Euphoria may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy colorful fountain pens these pens are sure to bring joy. Benu has paid attention to details in making this pen, like making sure the facets line up when closed, and putting a divet under the clip to ensure it is level. These pens are well built and are sure to last a long time, as such they offer good value at the price point. Overall, the Benu Euphoria fountain pen is a stylish and reliable writing instrument that is perfect for both everyday use and as a statement piece in your collection.