BENU Euphoria Fountain Pen - Vodka on the Rocks

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Product Overview

BENU Euphoria Fountain pen collection celebrates life with a collection of pens devoted to different sources of simple, hedonistic pleasures, such as favorite music, a beautiful scene, an exquisite cocktail, or a delicacy. Each pen is inspired by different things that bring us joy and add a great deal of color to our everyday lives.

This fountain pen comes with a standard international converter and one long blue ink cartridge. You can also convert it to eyedropper fill. It has a silver Schmidt #6 stainless steel nib, a black resin grip and accents, a silver clip, and pushes to post.

Body Material: Resin

Nib Color: Silver

Nib: Schmidt #6 Steel

Cap type: Screw On, the cap can be posted

Filling mechanism: Standard large international size converter and ink cartridge included

Grip material: Resin