Opus 88

Opus 88 Omar Fountain Pen

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Product Overview

The Opus 88 Omar Fountain pen is now available in a clear frosted acrylic barrel. This eyedropper pen has a large ink capacity and a shut-off valve that prevents the pen from leaking when not in use, which is perfect for frequent travelers. The pen is fashioned with a matte black tie-shaped clip. 

To fill the pen, unscrew the section, and using the included eyedropper fill the ink chamber. When using the pen, tighten or loosen the piston knob to control ink flow.

The pen has a #6 stainless steel Jowo nib.

Color of pen: Clear

Body Material: Resin

Nib Material: Stainless steel 

Cap type: Screw-on

Filling mechanism: Eyedropper (included)

Grip material: Resin