Taccia Sunao-iro Mini 3 Bottle Set - Sweet Color Tone

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Product Overview

The “SUNAO-IRO”, translated into “purity color”, was our first ink color collection released under the TACCIA brand. The 13 different colors are very unique, the Japanese title (one word) per color and the illustration on the package overlap the image of each ink’s color. 

Now, 9 of 13 colors in total were carefully selected and released as “Mini Bottle 3 PCS Set”. These 9 colors are universal color tones but very unique colors respectively. For water painting brush, the ink stretches well on the paper and hue change is controlled. The Sunao-iro inks are just suitable for an illustration by fountain pen.

Colors: Daidai (Orange), Momo (Pink), Murasaki (Purple)

Bottle size: 20 ml each

Qty: 3

Shimmer: No 

Fluorescent: No

Water resistant: No