Opus 88 Fantasia - Product Review

Posted by Smruti Pens on 25th Jan 2023

Opus 88 Fantasia - Product Review

The Fantasia is a popular fountain pen made by the Taiwanese pen manufacturer Opus 88. The pocket sized pen is stylish and well-crafted. The Fantasia has a distinctive barrel design, which features a translucent resin body allowing the user to see the ink level inside the pen.

One of the standout features of the Fantasia is its Japanese-style eyedropper filling mechanism, which allows for a large ink capacity and a unique filling experience.

One important consideration when using an eyedropper pen like the Fantasia is the potential for ink leaks. To prevent this, the Fantasia is equipped with a shut-off valve that seals the ink chamber when the pen is not in use, helping to prevent accidental ink leaks. This feature can be especially useful when carrying the pen in a bag or pocket, and is especially great for traveling by air.

In terms of build quality, the Fantasia is top-notch. We appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into each Opus 88 pen, and the Fantasia is no exception. The pen feels solid and well-balanced in the hand, and the stainless steel Jowo nib is smooth and responsive. The medium nib provided a comfortable and consistent line width. Once you open up the valve, the ink flow is very wet, offering a smooth and enjoyable writing experience.

While this pocket sized pen can be short for some, the cap can be posted firmly onto the pen by screwing into the grooves at the bottom of the pen. With added length from posting the pen was perfect for me with well-balanced weight and a comfortable grip. Overall, for the price this is a great pocket pen for use while traveling, with good ink capacity.

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