Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book

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Product Overview

Each Col-o-ring Ink testing book features 100 sheets of 100lb/160gsm European acid-free bright, natural white paper, measuring 2”x4” with die-cut rounded corners. The sturdy chipboard covers are letterpress printed in "afterburner" black, with a handy split ring for easy page removal and rearrangement. The paper underwent rigorous testing to prevent feathering, bleeding, or show-through of inks, accommodating various writing instruments such as fountain pens, glass pens, and dip pens.

Originating from Kansas City, these books were designed, printed, and assembled locally, with the paper sourced from nearby distributors. Born out of the discontinuation of a favored Japanese ink testing product, the Col-o-ring was conceived by its creators in October 2016. After extensive testing, they settled on the current paper stock in January 2017, selecting chipboard covers and a retro-inspired name to ensure timelessness and versatility for users' needs.