Endless Captiva Torque Filler Fountain Pen - Stealth

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Product Overview

Introducing the Captiva, Endless' inaugural fountain pen featuring the innovative Torque Filler Mechanism, seamlessly blending the opulence of piston fillers with the practicality of converters!

Here are some standout features of the Captiva:

- Cutting-edge Torque Filler Mechanism
- Choice of 7 Nib Options: 4 Regular and 3 Speciality Nibs (Infinite Space and Deep Ocean Only) 
- Available in 3 Striking Colour Variants: Infinite Space Chrome, Deep Ocean Chrome, and Stealth Black
- Crafted with precision through CNC machining of custom-made luxurious resin and anodized aluminum.

But what exactly does the Torque Filler offer?
Fitted with a captive converter, this pen enables you to fill ink in a beautiful new way without unscrewing the bottom barrel; while still maintaining the cleaning ease of a traditional converter.
The bottom barrel can still be disassembled to clean if necessary.