Colorverse Min-Hwa Project Series - Dan Hong Ink 30 ml

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Colorverse Dan Hong, part of the Minhwa collection, is a vibrant cherry red ink with low shading, paying homage to Korean traditional culture. "Min-Hwa" is derived from the Cho-sun era folk art, depicting cranes, rocks, water, clouds, the sun, the moon, pine trees, turtles, insects, and flowers, reflecting the rich heritage of Korean traditions.

In this 30ml Project Ink, Colorverse focuses on the theme of lotus flower and peony, seeking to capture the color and beauty of modern folk paintings, deeply rooted in Korean cultural traditions. Departing from the recent trends of sheen ink and color separation ink, Colorverse embraces a flat and serene original color value, resonating with the essence of oriental paintings found in traditional Korean folk art.