Colorverse Joy In The Ordinary Ink - 30 ml

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Colorverse introduces it's 6th season by celebrating the “Joy In The Ordinary" fountain pen ink series. Their most popular inks are here to inspire our love for daily activities. They are meant to slow us down and enjoy a Coffee Break at the Brunch date. Remind us to Walk the Dog and stay Under the Shade on a Rainy Day. And always, have a Delicious Sleep.

The perfectly sized 30 ml fountain pen ink bottles come one in a box, unlike the rest of the Colorverse inks. Enjoy these daily lovely emotions with the perfect shade to match it. Each ink bottle comes with an information card regarding the RGB color code, pH and color swatches of all six Colorverse Joy In The Ordinary inks. Also included is a sheet of ink-themed stickers to inspire your writing.

"Earth in a vast universe, an ordinary day in many daily lives. Find joy in every ordinary day in your daily life."

Bottle size: 30 ml

Qty: 1

Shimmer: No

Fluorescent No

Water resistant: No