Opus 88

Opus 88 Fountain Pen - Koloro Blue & White

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Product Overview

The Opus 88 Koloro (2023) fountain pen is available in three captivating colors, blue, white and pink. It combines the elegance of a Japanese-style eyedropper-filled pen with translucent resin portions, allowing you to admire your nib and ink level even when capped. With a #5 Jowo steel nib, the Koloro delivers a chic and classic writing experience.


  • Type: Fountain Pen
  • Body Material: Resin, Ebonite
  • Cap Type: Screw
  • Filling Mechanism: Eyedropper
  • Nib Material: Stainless Steel (Jowo #5)

This unique pen features a white acrylic body and incorporates an eyedropper filler with a shut-off valve mechanism. To fill the pen, simply unscrew the section, use the included eyedropper to fill it, and then replace the section. When ready to write, unscrew the end blind cap to release the shut-off mechanism of the middle piston rod. The pen is equipped with a stainless steel Jowo nib and a chrome clip.


  • Eyedropper filling system with shut-off valve
  • Stainless steel Jowo nib
  • Chrome clip
  • Length Capped: 142.2mm (5.6in)
  • Posted Length: 158.8mm (6.25in)
  • Body Diameter: 10.9mm (.43in)

Elevate your writing experience with the Opus 88 Koloro Blue & White fountain pen, featuring a shimmering translucent resin combined with pearl white accents in the cap and blind cap. Engineered for fountain pen enthusiasts who write extensively, the Koloro stands out with its eyedropper filling system equipped with a shut-off valve, preventing ink burping on the page. The pen boasts a #5 size stainless steel nib by Jowo and comes beautifully packaged in a gift box along with an eyedropper.