Colorverse 2024 Blue Dragon Ink - Glistening Blue 15 ml (Special Edition)

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Product Overview

Elevate your writing experience with Colorverse's Blue Dragon 15ml Bottled Ink, a 2024 special edition boasting three glistening varieties—blue, gold, and silver—as well as a standard non-glistening version.

Crafted in South Korea, this ink delivers a mesmerizing sheen and deep blue color with red undertones.

However, due to the high particulate content, occasional ink flow restrictions may occur, requiring thorough shaking before use and regular pen maintenance to prevent clogging. Despite these considerations, its quick-drying formula ensures a luxurious and uninterrupted writing journey, embodying Colorverse's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship while embracing natural, plant-derived materials for a clean and odor-free experience.