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Colorverse Indigo Blue 30 ml - Smruti Pens Special Edition

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The name indigo itself is derived from the name of the country, India. Smruti Pens founders are from India and want to bring you a shade back from home. The color is similar to the one used in the Indian state flag on the Ashok Chakra. Ashoka Chakra is a symbol of the historical continuity of the Indian nation and represents the idea of dharma, or righteousness. It also represents the idea of progress and movement, and the ‘Chakra’ signifies that there is life in ‘Movement’ and death in stagnation.

This beautiful ink reminds us of our days in school, writing our homework. This nostalgic color is best described as a rich dark blue mixed with indigo. The dark blue color is complemented by an alluring copper sheen in this ink. It's a perfect blue for professional writing!