Colorverse Cat's Eye Nebula Glistening Ink No. 39 - 65ml

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Product Overview

Introducing the Nebula Special Edition, a trio of sparkling inks that transport writers to the wonders of the cosmos. Among them, Cat's Eye Nebula enchants with its soft green hue and multi-hued pearlized particles.

Packaged in Colorverse's iconic 65ml glass bottle, this ink is a testament to South Korean craftsmanship.

Crafted from high-purity materials, Colorverse inks inspire cosmic creativity while boasting a long shelf life.

The Nebula Special, a Volume 6 Project Series ink, adds a mesmerizing metallic sheen to your writing.

Gently shake before use, and enjoy in any fountain pen with regular cleaning for optimal performance. Embark on a celestial writing journey with Colorverse – where the universe comes alive on every page.