Colorverse Horsehead Nebula Glistening Series No. 91 - 30ml

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Product Overview

This 30ml glass bottle of shimmering red ink, part of the Colorverse Glistening collection, captures the cosmic beauty of the Horsehead Nebula's radiant crimson hues. Crafted in South Korea, Colorverse inks are a testament to premium quality and artistry.

Colorverse inks are meticulously formulated with premium, pure colorants, ensuring a rich palette of crisp, clear hues. Derived from high-quality plant-based sources, these red inks are safe for your cherished fountain pens and free from any unpleasant odors, thanks to the absence of chemicals.

With an optimal neutral pH of 7-8, you can trust that your red ink will remain vibrant and resilient in your pen, resisting easy drying or deterioration.