Colorverse Glistening Series NGC 1850 Ink - 30ml

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Experience ColorVerse Ink: Where Quality Meets Artistry. Globally recognized colorants ensure pure, vivid hues, seamlessly flowing through premium fountain pens. Free from synthetic materials, these inks boast natural, odorless formulations for a delightful writing experience.

Meticulously crafted for optimal performance, competent makers infuse each bottle with hydration and antibacterial properties, maintaining freshness and a neutral pH level.

Unleash Cosmic Brilliance with NGC 1850. Part of the Glistening collection, this shimmering dark blue ink captivates with its celestial allure. Shake to disperse the dazzling particles, ensuring a consistent shimmer. While suitable for all fountain pens, regular cleaning safeguards against potential clogs, letting your writing journey through the stars continue unhindered.