Colorverse USA Special Nevada - Fabulous Las Vegas 15ml

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Discover Colorverse's USA Special Series with the Fabulous Las Vegas fountain pen ink, a vibrant pink hue inspired by the city's iconic neon lights. Crafted in South Korea, Colorverse inks are meticulously formulated from premium, plant-based colorants, ensuring a safe and odor-free writing experience.

With an optimal neutral pH of 7-8, this ink guarantees longevity without any risk of drying or deterioration in your pen.

Each 15ml glass bottle is a testament to Colorverse's dedication to quality and creativity. As a tribute to the 50 states of the USA, Colorverse has curated a unique color palette, capturing the essence of what each state is renowned for. Embrace this glistening gift of ink, spreading the infectious love of Colorverse inks while knowing you're using a premium, high-quality product made with care and precision.