Colorverse USA Special Colorado - Rocky Blue 15ml

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Product Overview

Colorverse presents the Rocky Blue ink, part of the USA Special Series, contained in a charming 15ml glass bottle. This rich shade of blue is inspired by the breathtaking skies above the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, capturing the essence of the state's majestic beauty.

Colorverse's USA Special Series pays tribute to each of the 50 states with unique inks representing their distinct features. The Rocky Blue ink draws inspiration from the state flower of Colorado and the stunning wildflowers found in Rocky Mountain National Park. Crafted with premium pure quality colorants, Colorverse inks offer a wide range of vibrant colors while ensuring a safe and reliable ink for your beloved fountain pens.

Experience the ink-fectious love of Colorverse inks with the Rocky Blue ink from the USA Special collection. This medium cornflower blue ink with medium shading showcases its versatility, drying in just 50 seconds with an average flow. Crafted in Korea, Colorverse upholds its commitment to quality and creativity, offering inks that celebrate the unique characteristics of each state in the USA.